Do you need game manual to trade a game to game


Do you need the receipt to trade in a game for another game?

no not if you are goin to trade in a used one …

If you lose the manual on a game how do you install it?

put the disc in into the disc drive, and follow the steps, it will install, you dont need a manual to install a game

Do you need two versions of Pokemon soul silver to trade?

you need to games of any pokemon game to trade

Is there a person in baytown who has Pokemon HeartGold?

I have Soul Silver, do you have BW2? I need to trade for difficulty keys. I beat the game and need to trade it to you then you trade it back.

Where can you find a manual for the game Fate Traitor Soul?

need instruction manual for fate traitor soul

When does the trade person let you trade on Pokemon colluseum?

After you have beaten the game. Note: You also need to have beaten the Elite Four in your GBA Pokemon game to trade.

How many wirreless adapters do you need to trade?

It depends on what game. In diamond/pearl, you don’t need any. In GB games, I’m pretty sure you only need one, but maybe two depending on the game and if the person you wnat to trade with has the game as well.

Where do you trade Kadabra in Blue and get it back?

You need to trade it with a friend, there aren’t in-game trades for Kadabra.

Where can you catch a gurraffearige FireRed?

You need to trade him from another game.

Who do you trade with to get alakazam in LeafGreen?

You need to trade Kadabra to make it evolve into Alakazam in Pokémon LeafGreen. To do this you need to have a friend who also has the game.

Where i trade my graveler to golem in Pokemon Crystal?

You need another gameboy and Pokemon game to trade to than back. Or with a friend you can trade, than trade back.

How do you trade Pokemon from XD to Colosseum?

You kinda need the GBA game and the GBA to gamecube connection cord. First you trade Pokemon with your GBA pokemon. Then trade those Pokemon with the other game.

Which game has all the Pokemon in it?

None of them, you need to trade to get some, and some need to be traded to evolve.

How do you get turtwig and piplup?

You Either Need An Action Replay Or You Can Trade With A Friend To Get One And Then Reset Their Game and Trade You The Other.

How do you get mew-two for kadabra in a trade?

There is no way you can actually do this in-game, you’ll need to trade with a friend that has Mewtwo.

How do you trade kabuto in Pokemon Blue?

You just need to find another player who have the game and trade it with a link cable.

You don’t know your Sims 3 access code and you lost your manual what do you do?

What do I do if I lost the manual to my Sims 3 game and I need to get the registration code.

Why is there no manual gear shift on Need For Speed Hot Pursuit?

Because the game I just downloaded from Playstation shop is RUBBISH – no manual gears – come on designers, please explain. I cannot believe a racing game without option for manual gears.

How do you get all Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

You need to trade from every game.

Can you get Celebi in pokemon firered?

nope, you need to trade it from another game.

How do you get a Celebi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you probably need to trade it from another game

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get Celebi?

you need 2 trade it from another game

Is Mewtwo on Pokemon Black and White?

No. You will need to trade it from another game.

How do you you get omanyte if you have kabuto?

You will need to have a Firered or Leafgreen game that does have kabuto trade it to you.

What is the CD key for age of mythology game?

It’s the code you need to authorise your copy of the game, it should be printed on the game manual or the inside of the game case.

How do you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy Advance to a Game Boy sp?

you need to have a link cable to connect them.

How do you trade Pokemon through any game with gameboy or ds?

With ds you can wirelessly trade or wifi trade. with gb gbc and gba you have to trade with a cable. To igrate a gba pokemon to a ds game you need to have the gba in the gba slot of a ds lite and the ds game in the ds slot of the ds

Where to trade a graveler to make it evolve in Pokemon pearl?

You are going to need to find someone else with a DS and the game to trade with.

Do you have to have a cable to trade Pokemon from game to game?

if its on game boy advance you will need a link cable you can get 1 from ebay… if its ds its wireless

Why do your cars on need for speed hot pursuit drive as if they were on manual transmission?

well its simple….its a computer game. but you have the choice between auto or manual, but that doesn’t exactly mean your car is going to be auto or manual in gear changing. all it is simply asking is would you like to change gears manually yourself or have the computer game change it automatically. in the game you need to have the car change gears for the turbo etc…..

Where is trapinch in Pokemon Soul Silver?

no were you need to trade it from another game or migrate it

How to get turtwig if you already have a starter Pokemon?

You need to trade for it from another game or the GTS.

Is charazard in Pokemon White?

No. You will need to trade one over from another game.

Can Pokemon Yellow trade with Pokemon FireRed?

Yes it can but you will need to have beaten the game

Is girantina in black and white Pokemon?

No. You will need to trade it over from another game.

How do you trade Pokemon with a Game Boy micro?

You need to buy a link cable designed for Game Boy micro.

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy colour and a Game Boy advance?

no because you need a psp and a emulatur to do that

How do i save on Mario kart?

The game saves itself automaticly, 트레인게임 so there is no need for manual saves.

What level is to get a golem in Pokemon Diamond?

sorry but to get a golem you need to trade a graveller to another diamond or pearl game and then trade it back

How do you get an alakazam without trading in Pokemon in sapphire version?

catch Abra and then trade to any game…………you need to trade in order to evolve

What level does hunter evolve at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need to trade it to another game to evolve it, it’s okay if you trade it back afterwards.

Can you trade from heart gold to black and white at the beginning of the game?

no but first you need more then six Pokemon then you can trade but they wont obey you

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy colour and a Game Boy advance if you have to compatible games?

yes all you need is a gameboy color link cable and some Pokemon to trade.

Can you trade Pokemon on one ds?

You can’t trade on just one DS. You need someone else with a game to trade with you. You can also migrate Pokemon from GBA games, but you don’t trade between them.

How many pages are in the original Super Mario Brothers game instruction manual?

Ok, after hunting this manual up, i found it is 15. 15 pages. There you have it? Why you need to know?

How do you get a Entei in Pokemon diamond?

You need to either trade it from the GTS or transfer through the Pal Park from a Game Advance game.

Can you trade Arceus from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon White?

Of course you can. You just need 2 Ds systems so that you can trade arceus from your platinum game on one to the Pokemon white game on the other.

Can you trade Pokemon from platinum to soul silver?

yes you can all you need to do is go to the Pokemon center and trade like any other game

How do you unlock the trade center in colosseum?

You need to beat the game then go to phenac cities Pokemon center and go downstairs this is the trade center.

What area of grass do you catch Growlithe in in SoulSilver?

You need to trade one from another game.


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