Dreams – Unlocking The Mystery


Is your dream monster chasing you or trying to wake you up? Why?

Dream scenarios will sometimes offer cautionary messages to steer us in the right direction or provide inspiration or encouragement. When we ask our guides for help, we can often find the answer in a dream message if we’re paying attention. Dream guidance is free and consistent, and will always serve your highest good. Even nightmares occur for your advancement; it may be time to look into the fears they bring up or the buried past events that are draining your energy and preventing you from moving forward.

Not all dreams come to prompt us to clean up our darker side. There are pleasant dreams, too – dreams that come to encourage and inspire us. A dream of a banquet or party tells us we’ve done well, that our spirit guidance is celebrating our efforts. A beautiful garden full of flowers indicates good growth progress on our part. To dream of birds symbolizes our inherent ability to soar spiritually, free as a bird. These are the kinds of good feedback dreams that have inspired me to keep moving forward through difficult times. My spirit friends often remind me in my sleep that I am always guided and always loved.

I consider dreams of wonderful mysteries, and I enjoy the process of discovering their meaning. Some are so mysterious I am never able to figure out where they come from or what they mean in my present circumstance. I just know they have served a purpose on some level. The subconscious mind is a vast reservoir of mental, emotional and sensory input. We are not consciously aware of all of the impressions we receive from past experiences, things we’ve felt, movies we’ve seen, books buku mimpi 2d we’ve read, and places we’ve visited. Any of these sources can influence our creative dreamscape. Know that some dreams just need to be processed in your sleep and that it’s okay to just observe them and let them go. If you are meant to understand and process a mystery dream, it will return to you at another time, in a different way, to get its meaning across. Most dreams seem mysterious at first, but with a good dream book and a little soul searching you can analyze much of their meaning. I love the detective work. Most of the time, discovering the messages brought by our dreams can be fun and entertaining. It is always worthwhile.

Symbolic Dreams: These are the dreams we have almost every night, the ones that seem confusing, silly or frightening to most of us. With the help of a good guidebook, the symbols and activities of these dreams begin to make perfect sense in the context of what is currently happening in our lives. Besides, you need to call on your intuitive knowing to get the full meaning as it applies to your life situation. Only you can ultimately know what message a dream holds for you. Example: An indication of steel might mean strength and endurance to someone experiencing a difficult time. This would be a sign from Spirit that he or she will fare well by remaining strong. Someone else, on the other hand, might receive the symbol of steel to indicate that he or she has shut down emotionally and should take corrective action.

Spirit uses symbols to instruct us in our dream world because symbols are universal and don’t require language to express their meaning. As you learn to piece the dream symbols together into meaningful messages, your life and the world around you will begin to seem more purposeful and spiritual.

Example of a Symbolic Dream: The dreamer is walking along a path through a nondescript piece of land. There is a thorny brush growing off to one side. Suddenly, a monster roars from behind, running fast and looming overhead. The dreamer screams and starts running as fast as he or she can. There is a foreboding sense of being unable to run fast enough, and the dreamer is terrified of being caught. The dream ends.

Dream Interpretation: The path is our current direction in life, and the thorny brush indicates a negative attitude that is causing us discomfort. The monster represents a fear that needs to be addressed before it becomes all-consuming. Running indicates our avoidance of facing that fear. Screams are meant to get our attention; they indicate that this is an important message and that we should pay attention now.

Excerpt from: Guide Lights – Attune to Your Angels And Spirit Guides And Begin To Heal Your Life.

Rise’ (Resa) Harrington was a struggling beginner herself decades ago and desires to make the search for spiritual connection easier for others. This book guides us through the elementary steps to begin exploring the world of Spirit safely while opening ourselves to magical adventures within life. In this book you’ll learn how to: Discover the names of your guardian angel and spirit guide. Incorporate angelic assistance into your daily activities. Develop your intuition and recognize the signs and suggestions of your spirit guides. Use a pendulum to confirm your insights and hunches. Use your dreams as a life course correction tool. Learn to meditate and achieve liberation through forgiveness. Whether you’re searching for purpose, love or forgiveness this book offers a brilliant guiding light for your journey to soul-self discovery.

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